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Millbrook Tournament An Apparent Success
According to sources close to the action of Sunday's big Easter Kicker at Millbrook School everything went well for all teams involved, although the hosting team did not place as well as they could have, or certainly might have wanted to. This of course is negated by the fact that Team GOD, a team of disgruntled college players who were unable to record their wins or losses, gave the current Millbrook team soul posession of all game records. This, and the fact that the Millbrook team won the little recognized Last Game, placed Millbrook squarely in 1st place overall for the tournament. Scores and game highlights to be posted.

Tournament on Easter Sunday and 4-20. Coincidence?
Recently it was brought to the attention of ranking officials on the Millbrook Ultimate team that not only was the 3rd Annual Tournament to be held on Easter Sunday, but it was also slated for the date of April 20th, or 4-20. Naturally, some have taken the liberty to speculate as to the validity of these claims, and others have taken creative liberties as to the intentions of the Millbrook Ultimate team. While the team insists that the date of the tournament is purely coincidence, many have come to us claiming that we are trying to undercut the religious rights of frisbee players throughout the Northeast, especially from around the New York/Connecticut area. This claim has been renounced by the team officials, offcially. Also, as to the date 4-20, the team insists again that this has nothing to do with anything, least of all making subliminal claims that all frisbee players are mindlessly drugged-out hippies. When asked about this, one member of the upper eschelons of the Millbrook Ultimate hierarchy said: "Well, we were planning on lacing all the burgers with peyote, and putting other mind expanding drugs in the drinks, but we decided to abandon this plan after taking some serious flak from school administrators." That said, the Millbrook Ultimate team stands by its claims that it has no prejudice against free expression and practice of religion or the use of drugs.

Alums to Attend Tournament
Yesterday it came to the attention of the Millbrook Ultimate Frisbee team that the founders of the program, from three years ago, were planning to put in a bit for an alumni team to compete at this years tournament. Last year saw a similar occurance when a team of alums, formally known as team God, played in place of the tenth team, which did not show up. The team played very respectably last year, and we hope this year that, with a fully organized and prepared team, they will be able to put up a formitable performance. This idea of playing our own alums, however, has come under question. What should the situation be if the alumni team wins the tourney? Its under debate as of now. No doubt it will be resolved before long.

Spring 2003 Tryouts
During the last week before spring break, the Millbrook Ultimate Frisbee team held the first tryouts of the year. While well over 20 people had shown interest, many were unable to attend due to extenuating circumstances. Despite the slightly smaller attendance than expected, most was well. After taking a year off from players of the female persuasion, we had two girls trying out for the team. This is exciting for us because it demonstrates the growing interest in our community. We returned much talent, but were very excited to discover some very good potential talent in the pool. We played a scrimage to test the players' abilities and comprehensioin of the game. These tryouts, however, will not be our primary tryouts, due to the inability of some key players to attend. We expect to continue tryouts after break, especially once the snow clears off the fields and we can play outside. All in all, it looks like this year is shaping up to be a winning season!

3rd Annual Millbrook Tournament Announced
Today the Millbrook Ultimate Frisbee team announced that they would in fact be hosting the 3rd Annual Millbrook Invitational Tournament, in Millbrook New York.

Here's a team in Montreal. It's not our team.

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